Iran, a fascinating country that is a mix
of modern and ancient, of West and East, of the mundane and the exotic,
has a lot to show you than just the misconceptions you may have heard about.

Iran’s capital, the extraordinary and splendid Tehran,
is a true example for this statement. This city reflects the beauty of the rich
and stunning ancient Persian culture, at the same time, records the traces
of a modern society, which has become our major inspiration
to design Tehran’s travel guide website.

Art direction,
Sites / Cuisine section :
Nhu Bui Quynh

Content creator,
Intro/ Guides & Tips section :
Thuyen Vu Quynh




The Persian carpet has 5 layers with distinctive patterns, which represents the 5 sections of our website: home, intro, sites, cuisine, guides & tips. When you hover your mouse over and click on each layer, it will direct you to the section you'd like to visit.

section 2


In this section, I simplify and modernize different patterns collected from the mesmerizing architectural and archaeological backdrop of Tehran, then subtly add in the vivid colors of the city in the temporary times.

section 3


I design a guidebook for Tehranian food, which features some of the most popular dishes of Tehran, alongside with the key ingredients and some interesting information. Especially, you could flip through the pages like when reading real books.