"what a strange thing.
to be alive beneath
cherry blossoms."
kobayashi issa

The beauty of nature always fascinates me. Flowers- a true natures gift, has always been an eternal source of inspiration for artists, especially Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Most people think blossom is a bit a girlie interest, or compelled to take photograph of it as a must when visiting Japan. But all of that is beneath it. It is said by the Japanese that native cherry blossom inspires mono no aware: a rejoicing in ephemeral beauty, and an untranslatable sense of the pathos of things. Blossom is a reminder of the fleeting nature of life, of its heartbreaking quickness. As the Japanese poet Otomo no Kuronushi wrote in the 9th century, “Every-one feels grief when cherry blossoms scatter.” That’s the depth of feeling this tree can produce.

Fascinated by the underlying meaning of cherry blossoms, I decided that my design for this dada poem would manipulate the look and figure of this particular flower. However, rather than drawing the flowers softly and precisely as it looks, I minimize and simplify by using sharp and geometric shapes, to add a bit of a modern and personal touch to it.

About the color scheme, I try to avoid using just the stereotype colors of cherry blossoms like pale pink and white. Instead, inspired by the “nature” of nature – constantly changing and moving, but in a quiet manner-, I selected a variety of colors and generate a color-changing screen. For every background color beneath I also select the contrasting color for the fonts to create contrast and vitality. For example: blue screen with orange fonts, yellow screen with purple fonts, etc. For the contemporary cherry blossoms, I use pastel colors with gradient and a little bit transparency to create an ephemeral look.

Apart from the “screen and font changing color” effect, I also use some other animations to communicate and tell stories. A flower appears first, and then from its essence a sphere is born, representing the planet earth. The meaning behind this is to depict the relationship of humans and nature. Humans come from nature and is a part of nature, not separate from it. Moreover, I also add some movements to flowers and leaves to make them look natural just like they are shivering in the wind. Some words would appear and then disappear to make room for other words- that’s my intention to make the scenery look less chaotic and also more eerie. Every effect and movement is both at a slow-paced to replicate life pace. It’s slow, but it’s always constantly changing.

Here is the link to my process journal document: process journal